He’s just not that into you..

I’ve been told that when a man likes you, you’ll know. He’ll move mountains if possible just to get you. Marvin Gaye couldn’t have sang it better, ain’t no mountain high enough for a man who’s into you.
 I’m guilty of thinking I’m immune to getting heartbroken or rejected and he’ll somehow always want me at the end cause I’m just so awesome (hah). But sadly I’ve accepted the hardest thing there is to accept.. Sometimes he may be just not that into me.
And maybe I’m creating this fantasy in my head when in reality there was nothing there to begin with.
I figured it was time to stop lying to myself and just admit that maybe “he’s just not that into you.”

He’s just not that into you if:

1. He just flats out tells you he’s not into you.
Some of us ladies are guilty of denial. He doesn’t like you. Don’t miscalculate, don’t decipher, don’t misinterpret this. Guys are simple, you’ll KNOW when he doesn’t fancy you, now stop stalking the guy and find someone who is worth your time.

2. He’s not attempting to get to know you.
I used to see this one guy who in the span of a month of talking knew nothing about me. Nothing. Not my last name, not what I liked/hated, he wasn’t interested in getting to know me. He’d take HOURS to reply due to work so we’d only exchange about 4 texts daily. I understood that completely, I’m not an attached gal anyways, but times he would ask me anything, it’d be questions about based solely on sex.. What even. That’s when I knew to kick him to the curb, he wasn’t getting to know me because he wasn’t thinking anything long term. A guy who IS into you will want to know everything about you. What makes you happy, what makes you tick, what music you’re into, even the most minimal fact about yourself. So ladies, if a guy isn’t even slightly interested in getting to know such an interesting person such as yourself, chances might be that he’s just not that into you.. 

3. He’s not available for you.
I’m currently struggling with this one. So, he has a lady friend or a wife that he’s NOT leaving anytime soon. Guess what? He’s just not that into you, honey.  This is where it’s a pride crusher. So you might think,”it’s different with me though!” “he’s so into me though” “things aren’t going so smooth between them right now though” “he promised he’s going to leave her for me and I’m just waiting around until he does” blah blah, whatever the case may be, he’s not emotionally available for you, or physically. Even if he is, you only get a percentage of what he has to offer, at the end of the day she’s getting to enjoy him without have to hide or being kept in the dark. Not you. It’s not fun having scraps anyways. So what if he leaves her for you? There’s an old saying that goes, “the same way you get your man is the same way you lose him” or something along the lines of that. He’s already in a committed relationship but having you on the side. Who wants a man like that anyways? You deserve someone who is available to you 100% of the time not just during his work hours, when she’s not around. If he’s with her and not you, your answer is pretty clear… He’s just not that into you. 

3. He acts like a douchebag.
Been there done that. Plenty times. I’m guilty of being one of those chicks so infatuated with “BAD BOYS.” I love them. Love. Them. Now, I’ve found some sweet bad boys. Jerk-ish bad boys. Then there were the plain ol’ douchebags. No one deserves to end up with a douche. Not only do they lower your self-esteem, but they enjoy feeling superior to you. They give you that hot and cold loving. They love you one moment and the next minute giving you the cold shoulder. What this brings is confusion and is a guarantee one way ticket to heartacheville. If a man is not treating you with respect, making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, doing his best to make you feel absolutely happy.. He’s definitely not into you. No normal functioning being would mistreat or hurt someone they love intentionally, unless you’re dating a sociopath – in that case, I’m sending help your way as I type this!- I say ditch that vaginal cleanser and find someone who values you and your feelings, you precious jewel, you!

4. You haven’t heard from him.
So it’s been weeks or month that you haven’t heard from him. CALL HIM, MAYBE HE WAS STRUCK BY THE METEOR WHILE IT MADE IT’S WAY TO AUSTRALIA! IF HE DOESN’T ANSWER, CALL HIM 20 MORE TIMES THEN FB HIM, ETC!! -Drop the phone! Chances are that if he’s disappeared from view for quite sometime, you’re not on his mind. With all this technology, there’s no excuse to not hear from someone, unless they’re not into you. Texting easily takes about 20 seconds, FB messaging, CALLING, Facetiming etc.. It’s not that hard to contact someone to let them know you’re still alive. If you’re not hearing from him, chances are he’s just not that into you. It’s time to find someone who can’t wait to call you or text you or just get in contact with you altogether. We don’t want those overly attached guys either though.. 

Obviously there are PLENTY of more signs and I guess at the end of the day each person should trust their own gut, it’s usually always right but we are so blinded by what we want to happen, we go about and start creating a fantasy in our minds and our gut is often ignored.  So how does one start attracting the on that IS into you? You can start by making yourself happy. You make yourself happy by loving yourself. You love yourself by getting rid of that jerk that’s



new hair, dun’t care

In an attempt to go platinum blonde in my lower half, I am stuck with this brassy hair until it recovers. With that being said.
I might as well go back to being a fire crotch head, and lighten my whole hair once more.. Just in time for SPRING! =)
I’ll most likely end up doing an Ombré ;D