GOOD-BYE my teens, HEL-LO my 20’s!

In honor of my 20th birthday today, I have a few things I want to improve to ensure my 20’s starts off happier and healthier. I am leaving my teen years behind today, and whilst entering my adulthood, there are some habits I simply cannot get away with anymore. So I’m not a teenager anymore, but I’m not old enough to drink drink Moscato. What a weird age.

20 things I will start to embrace or just getting too old for:

1.  I  will love myself before anyone can love me

2. I’m going to go after what I want… No matter how many tries it takes

3. It’s okay to be alone

4. I will overcome my insecurities

5. It’s not all about me (I think?)

6. Just because someone finds me attractive, doesn’t mean I’m on my way to a relationship

7. Just because someone doesn’t find me attractive, it doesn’t mean the world is ending. 
7b. I will not put myself down if this happens, it’s not always cause I’m not “pretty or skinny” enough

8. Learn to move on and let go of people when the need arises 

9. Don’t be afraid of emotions, affection isn’t as creepy as you think

10. Give people a chance, amaze yourself

11. Embrace being a woman, enjoy your lovely lady humps 😉

12. Learn to not be so emotionally unattached 

13. Deciding is NOT doing

14. Give love a chance. Just do it. 

15. Overcome your fear of fear, failure and rejection

16. Appreciate the little things 

17. Don’t live in the future, concentrate on your present

18. Dream big, but keep your feet on the ground. Always.

19. Be bold. Be willing to scare yourself at times. 

20. Make mistakes, your own mistakes



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