‘Pigeon Feathers’- River Whyless

ahh, so cozy!


I have a tab in my browser labeled ‘stuff to listen to’ that contains a few hundred links to videos, Bandcamps, Soundclouds and the like. The weird thing is that I know where every single one of the links likely came from- which friend passed it along, which blog posted it, which PR firm sent it along, etc.- with one exception: I don’t know who or where the below video for ‘Pigeon Feet’ by River Whyless came from. This is driving me nuts right now for any number of reasons, but mainly because I want to properly credit the friend that passed it along and thank them for sending me this lovely, sprawling gem of a song and I can’t. So, you know, if you were the one who sent this to me (it was recent- last week or so), let me know so I can get on with my…

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