NYC- Gone, Gone

I always thought I’d rot to death in the comfort of NYC. Born and raised in the Bronx, I would’ve never imagined life outside of NY. I tried my best to escape the ghetto from the Bronx and spent a huge amount of time roaming the bizarre, unique streets of Manhattan.
NYC is everyone’s dream, and I was just a 40 minute train ride away. I had become well aware of anything Downtown.From style, to the hotspots, to the perfect thrift stores. I just loved the buzz and excitement and individualism that came with being a fellow New Yorker.
I recently moved to Palm Coast, FL.
I know what you’re thinking.. WTF is a Palm Coast? I know, I know. I have left the Capital of The World to come to Middle of Nowhere, Florida. My father recently retired and along with my mother and younger brother, dragged us to The Sunshine State. I fought, I kicked, I cried. How would I conform to Redneckville??
I was on track to graduating high school, I had just started dating a guy I was fond of, and all that just flew out the window. I was living with my brother for a while, until he decided I should move with my parents. I was so angered and resented, I did what any teen would.. I rebelled until I couldn’t anymore.. I was angry. I felt as if I would feel alone in FL, without my best friends, and family.



Fresh air, hospitable citizens, vividly green scenery, etc.. It’s only been 1 week, but I am starting to get pretty used to this. I am freely able to come and go as I please, sometimes can even leave my house looking like a plain Jane 😉
In conclusion, I miss my city, yes, but hopefully this fresh start will help me analyze myself. I’m in hopes of reinventing myself, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and last but not least- physically.


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